Very often you might have found yourself standing in front of that lipstick shelf struggling with that wide array of color options. This is the part that turns the glorious journey to the makeup aisle no less than a tough war. Pairing a lipstick tone with the outfit as well as keeping your skin tone in mind is no easy thing. We understand this situation completely.

Lets take a Look on How to choose the lipstick shade to suit your skin tone..!!

Here is a thing for you guys. There is no need to consider it as a daunting endeavor. Once you go through some guidelines, it might turn into a cakewalk for you and you will discover how easy it is to find the appropriate lipstick shade for yourself.

Knowing your skin’s undertone is the one thing that will stick with you in this entire makeup journey, be it your foundation or bb cream or eye-shadow, etc. So have knowledge of your skin undertone and this will guide you to select the color for yourself. Depending on the undertone, the color should be selected. So let’s begin the ride:

Cool Undertones

First of all, you should know how to determine if you have a cool undertone. If there is a pink, red or bluish hue to your skin then you have a cool undertone.  Simply saying if you can see your vein color as blue and silver jewelry compliments your skin tone then, you are a person with a cool undertone. For you guys, lipsticks with blue undertone or purple undertone will work. So if you want to go for red, better go for a deep red rather than an orange-red. Do not go for shades that are too light. They might make you look pale and washed out.

Warm Undertone

If you have golden, yellow or olive hue then you are the one with a warm undertone. Coming to the wrist nerves, you can tell that you have warm undertone if the veins seem a bit green and golden jewelry compliments your skin. People with warm tone tend to get tan easily as compared to the cool undertones one. For you guys, lip colors with warmer shades suit the best. You can go for orange shades or really red type shades.

Neutral Undertones

Yes, you are right. The ones with a neutral undertone can go for silver or gold jewelry as both compliments their skin tone. There is a spectrum of colors that can suit their undertone. They can go for any and every color when it comes to pairing lipstick.

Are you still lost?

If you still can’t understand the undertone concept, do not worry. Makeup is all about being you, what you like. If you feel the coral suits you even if you have a cool undertone, just go for it. The actual thing is that it is up to you. If you feel you are confident enough to carry a bold color, then just rock it. Most makeup artist tells you to part your ways from ashy lip shades they make you look washed away.

If they seem edgy to you and make you stand out in a beautiful way, then stun the world with your own makeup sense.  In case you cannot decide any further , walk in to our salon, and our experts will help you to choose the best complimenting your skin at its best.

Hope this will clear all your queries related to which lipstick you must purchase. Keep Reeding Keep Sharing 🙂