Every girl's wedding is the very special movement in life. And only one-day makeup is not sufficient if you doing expensive makeup apply on your face during marriage day, showing stress on your face. You want, look best and stay best before wedding period. And need to you prefers you for a month before, so that here some variety of tips for your makeup, surely they tip stress away from your life.

Pre-wedding facial

Your skin needs constant care until the day of the marriage. that time some girls do facial in the parlour, Facial are removing dullness and tan on your face, and make you glowing skin, Many special are available in the parlour, that wise you can do special in the home. You can choose for your skin regular facials or a monthly basis. That way you have to understand your skin and hair and choose better and suitable product for your skin. Really working regular massage on your skin and scalp they improve your blood circulation which will make you towards the shiny skin.

Cleaning toning and moisturizing

Before marriage you can busy and maybe you ignore Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing, we give you suggestion, you should care your skin and regularly cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. Keep well your skin and maintain your skin Bright beauty.A clean face will help you open your face. Toning detract from fine lines it helps you do moisturizing and softs. And you used the sunscreens for removing suntan and it will be saving from sunlight.

Do Manicure and pedicure


Every woman has to take proper care of her feet from her nail, people will observe you so you will have to do best to all corners including the nail .if you are some dirt you're trapped in your nail, you do falling bad impression. You want solution n this problem, so you will have to do Manicure and pedicure from a beautician. And you keep your nail clean; you can get well shape and construct beautiful your bridal look.

Waxing (hair removal), Eyebrows

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Body waxing is the body glomming task. And is important for avoiding skin irritation.  Every bride should be avoided irritation, from the hair and you should do Waxing of legs, hand, and underarms, hair removal of any part of the body, should be eyebrows in shape for good looking and active face. And you put yourself well groomed. This process you can use for hair removal and maintain that weekly or monthly. As you like do.

Hair treatment

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Hair is the most important things for every bride, great looking is the dream of every bride and they good looking can give to her from hair. Before the month of marriage, you should start hair spa and home remedy. And get healthy and shiny hair for marriage. If you cannot do chemical spa so you can do homemade mask you can use to get some shine on your hair. And you can get bridal hair with bridal shine.

Here I discuss, how  should do this  pre-wedding simple makeup tips, if you follow this simple tips as like facial, Cleaning toning and moisturizing, Manicure and pedicure,

Waxing (hair removal), eyebrows, Hair treatment, you will surely feel beautiful and happy.