On the prelude of the summer season, many people start planning for travelling. It is fun for many people to enjoy those summer vacation with their dear ones. Apart from all these fun activities, one important thing that worries many of the people is regarding the damage to their skin during the summers.

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The prolonged exposure to sunlight during the summer season causes serious damage to the skin. It is not only the prolonged exposure to the sun in summer, the small trips in the hot sunlight can even cause damage to the skin. Some of the common problems the skin can face during summers are discoloring of skin, wrinkles, mole development.


Long-term exposure to sunlight in summer can lead to other health problems too. So, a proper care should be taken to protect your skin this summer.

Let us see 5 tips to protect your skin this summer:

Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables

Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables

During the summer season, you should eat a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables, as they contain ingredients which are good antioxidants. The fruits like pomegranate, apple, banana, lemon, etc. are helpful in the fast regeneration of skin cells. The vegetable life spinach provides antioxidants necessary for the skin and keeps the body cool internally. The enzymes present in the vegetable like Broccoli are helpful to protect the skin.

Use proper sunscreen

proper sunscreen

The sunrays during the summer season are very strong and burning. So, using proper sunscreen is always advisable. Do not get lured by exaggerated ads, instead, take the advice from the experts. The experts can guide you better as per your physical state and the region where you stay. Try using proper sunscreen during summer.

Moisturizing the skin regularly

It is necessary that during the hot summer days you should keep hydrating the skin. Firstly you may not feel the skin getting dry during summer due to perspiration. However, that sweat will give a negative effect on skin and your skin easily catches the dust from outside. So, you must try to wash and moisturize your skin. This will help to keep your skin clean and minimize the discoloring causes due to sunlight.

Avoid going out in strong sunlight hours

You must avoid going out during the time when the sunlight is very strong during the summer season. Usually, the sunlight is very strong between 10am to 4 pm. So, try to go out a little earlier before 10 am or after 4 pm, as during this time the sunrays are little slanted. It is always better to take care than to find a troublesome solution afterwards.

Drinking lots of water

The dehydration level of the body goes high during the summer season. So, it is necessary that one must keep hydrating their body by constant drinking lots of water. By drinking more water, the body can primarily remove the free radicals from the body and filter the toxins from the kidney. Next, drinking more water helps to maintain the nutritional level of the skin nicely.

These are some of the 5 tips to protect your skin this summer. So, to keep the skin healthy during the summer, you should follow these basic tips.